Message from the Group CEO

Our forward thinking and creative approach to all areas of business is what propelled our success in 2017. It is why our business areas consistently win industry awards and why our partners continue to work with us.

Our vision for 2018 is clear – we will continue to promote growth using five core values; Value Creation, Single Global Network, Accountability, Customer Commitment and Performance.

I am proud of the work we do and provide commitment that we will continue to deliver.

Randeep Jhaj / CEO

Our Core Values

Value Creation

Single Global Network


Customer Commitment


Alan Munden
Chief Financial Officer
Caroline Baldwin
Client Manager
Mark Blacher
Operations Manager


With locations in Singapore, London and India – we work with businesses across the world.

  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Investment

Our Hostory

Company was founded in 2010

The Penbury Group is a relatively young company – founded in 2010 – but our Global brands and businesses have a rich heritage.

Our Mission

``Focus on creating value.``