Who We Are

The Penbury Group is a Global Marketing, Development and Investment Organisation.

Our Markets Include

Commodities, Chemicals, Construction and Technology.

Global Partners

We have developed a world class international corporation by maintaining a truly global network of business partners, accentuating risk management, service and performance.

Business Areas

Global Trade

Explore, Produce & Deliver

A global enterprise, trading products across 50 countries. Our extensive market knowledge, ability to arbitrage currency and structure risk, allows us to extend our customers continued value.


Ownership, Lending & Venture Capital

Our investment portfolio includes strategic assets that compliment our trading business.

Research, Strategy & Execution

Business & Customer Sales

A leading global sales network, experts in bringing products to market and increasing market share.

Strategic Partner

Develop business in new markets

Forming relationships in new markets.

Penbury Group Companies


Penbury Developments Ltd

PG Global Development Fund

Penbury Ltd; (Ceramics, Wood, Kitchens & Construction Materials)


Penbury Sg Pte Ltd

Penbury Ltd


Penbury Group Holding BVI
(Manufacturing, Technology and Transport)

Our Regional Offices

Penbury Ltd

+44 (0)207 096 0050

Penbury Sg Pte Ltd


Penbury Ltd (India branch)


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